Did you know that in addition to our Core Knowledge learning, Peace of Mind offers extra curricular activities? For a small monthly fee, we are pleased to offer learning opportunities in Music, Move-N-Groove dance and fitness, and Amazing Athletes.

Music is offered to our Toddler, Red and Blue Fish, and PreK classes. Currently, class meets for a half hour, every Thursday from September through May. The many benefits of joining our music class include learning about rhythm, melody, vocal timbres, multicultural musical styles, and basic music theory, such as high versus low, soft versus loud, and fast versus slow. Early exposure to music can build a foundation for mathematical awareness and language art skills, as well as fostering a lifelong love of music. Music classes cost $20 a month.

Move-N-Groove Dance and Fitness is offered to our Toddler, Red and Blue Fish, and PreK classes three times a month for a half hour, currently on Wednesdays. Our dance instructor is Kathy Mueller, co-owner of Woodbury Dance Center, who has been our dance/creative movement teacher since 1994. Dance is an excellent way to assist children in their emotional and physical development while engaging their creativity. We focus on fitness games, nutrition, learning about our body (heart, lungs, muscles, etc.), confidence building, and exercising large muscles during structured, active play. Move-N-Groove classes cost $20 a month, available from September through May.

Amazing Athletes is offered year round to our Toddler, Red and Blue Fish, and PreK classes. Amazing Athletes uses non-competitive sports as a tool to teach self confidence, team work, sportsmanship, and healthy exersice habits. The nine sports used to teach these fundamentals are basketball, baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, hockey, golf, lacrosse, and tennis. Amazing Athletes greatly benefits motor development by utilizing running, kicking, throwing, jumping, catching, and balancing. It can also improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, hand eye coordination, and reaction time. There is a one time $15 registration fee, which includes a free t-shirt for your child, and costs $30 a month for 4 classes each month.

We strongly believe that meaningful, active play can build a lifetime of healthy habits, as well as establish an appreciation for setting and achieving personal goals. We’re so proud to offer these extra opportunities for learning to you and your child. Please call 651-731-2608 or stop by the front desk with any questions!