It’s that time of year here in Minnesota – cold and flu season. While no one wants to see a sick child, illness is a common thing with young children, and also with those in group care settings. A Canadian study published in JAMA Pediatrics found: Children in group care had more ear and respiratory infections early on average than children who stayed home, but come elementary school, kids who had attended group care reported far fewer of these infections. In other words, minor illnesses are a part of childhood, and all kids will get sick sooner or later.

At Peace of Mind Early Education Center, we believe prevention is key (you would be amazed by how often we are washing hands!).  As a NAEYC Accredited Center, we also have very strict rules and regulations regarding hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing, and diaper changing.  A large part of illness prevention is knowing and honoring our sick policy. Please take a few minutes to read, or re-read as the case may be, our “sick child letter.”  State regulations regarding sick children, and when they must be excluded from a licensed child care center, are law. We are required to abide by these regulations.

To the best of our ability, sick children will be allowed to rest quietly on their cots, or will be removed from the classroom to wait for your arrival. It is expected that arrangements will be made for the pick- up of your child within one hour of you receiving the call that your child is not feeling well. Your child can return to Peace of Mind once they have been symptom free for 24 hours.

We understand that sick kids, restless nights, and work absences can take a family-wide toll, especially when both parents are working full time outside of the home. However,we believe honoring the sick policy is a key to preventing and spreading illness, as well as keeping your little ones happy and healthy!

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Please see the Peace of Mind Policy regarding care of sick children attached.

2018 Peace of Mind Absences & Illnesses Policy