Presidents’ Day is fast approaching and this year, on Monday, February 19th, Peace of Mind will be closed for teacher inservice training. While we know this can be an inconvenience for working parents, it is a key component to our success as caregivers. Taking time for professional development plays a significant role in our school’s ability to provide a high quality education. Inservice days allow teachers to participate in individual professional development, as well as work together with instructional leaders.

Minnesota law requires licensed child care providers to train staff on an ongoing basis. This training is required to ensure providers continue to develop knowledge and skills regarding minimum health and safety standards, as well as to promote professional development skills, which in turn result in higher quality learning environments. Mandated yearly training covers Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Abusive Head Trauma, while CPR and First Aid training is required to be renewed every other year. The state also requires training in child growth and development, and child passenger restraint (for those who transport children).

Peace of Mind goes above and beyond the hours mandated by law by providing our staff with 40+ hours of inservice training each year. Topics can range from the mandated requirements listed above, to risk reduction management, positive guidance techniques, proper food handling, blood borne pathogen training, and general team building activities and exercises. Towards the end of the day, we also dedicate time for sprucing up and rearranging our classrooms! The inservice on February 19th will mostly focus on curriculum planning and appropriate assessment techniques.

As caregivers, we look forward to inservice as a time to grow as a team, expand our knowledge base, and learn new ways to serve you and your family better. We believe that when time is set aside for professional development we create tremendous benefits for our teachers, and your little ones!