Maybe you’ve already met our new friend Dewey at some of the local events we’ve attended in Woodbury. If you have, you already know he’s a mascot of few words who can put a smile on the face of everyone he meets.

Dewey joined the Peace of Mind team in August of 2017. His life story is quite different from that of most raindrops. As a young raindrop, Dewey always knew he was going places. Unlike most of his friends and family members who followed the regular path of water down the great Mississippi River, Dewey wanted to work with children and their families. With a lifelong love of learning, Dewey was set on working in an early childhood learning center where he felt his talents could best be used.

At the tender age of one month, Dewey came to Peace of Mind where he has truly found his niche as the school’s mascot.

Dewey’s days are spent helping to spread the word about Peace of Mind at events such as the Woodbury Parade, Big Truck Day, and the Woodbury Expo. When Dewey isn’t working in our community meeting new families, he’s at Peace of Mind helping our students learn fundamental things to help them get ready for Kindergarten. Dewey also helps POM staff members with the Character Education themes!

“Dewey has been such a fun addition to the Peace of Mind team. His quiet and positive spirit embody the love we all have of learning here at Peace of Mind,” states Nicole Robbins, Founder. “He helps bring joy to the POM kids all while helping them learn.”