Peace of Mind is fortunate to have a beautiful, large, and mostly open concept campus design, which means we have to address the issues of the safety and security of our little ones at every step – even down to who we allow to open the doors to and in our building. As a parent, you may not be aware that we have a long standing rule that only “teachers and parents” are allowed to operate our doors, including holding them open for others!  We’d appreciate you reminding your child that this is the rule when they are with you, as well as with their teachers.

As a National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited program, we follow the guideline that all children must be within sight and sound of a staff member at all times. Restricting children from opening the doors to the library, gym, classrooms, bathrooms, and outside play areas therefore becomes essential in meeting this guideline. 

Beyond keeping our kids in the right room at the right time, doors pose a safety risk that many people don’t often consider. “The National Safety Council reports that more than 300,000 door-related injuries requiring emergency room treatment take place each year. Children, especially those under the age of four, suffer the majority of door-related injuries that ultimately require amputation” (Culture of Safety). At Peace of Mind, we have hinge guards installed on nearly every door but the best way to avoid accidents involving the doors and children, is to prevent children from operating them.

In our efforts to keep your child safe and out of harm’s way, we ask that adults continue to be the only ones opening, holding open, and closing the doors in our building. Now that you’re aware of this rule, we’d like to ask you to partner with us in enforcing it, and keeping our little ones safe and sound!