One of the many benefits we offer to parents here at Peace of Mind, is a monthly “Parents’ Night Out” during the school year! We get a lot of questions about what Parents’ Night Out is, and how we go about it, so we’d like to try to answer some of the more frequently asked questions here.

  • Sign up is required – sign up at the front desk, or either entrance.
  • The sign up sheet will be removed from the entries once the event is full.
  • It is typically held on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 5-10pm (Sept through May). Check the calendar on our website for exact dates!
  • December’s Parent Night Out is held from 12-5pm so parents can shop and/or wrap presents without little eyes watching!
  • Current pricing is hourly (rounded to the nearest quarter hour) as follows: $9 for 1 child, $15 for 2 children, $18 for 3 children, $25 for 4 children.
  • There is a $25 fee for cancelling with less than a 12 hour notice, or for no-shows.
  • Parents’ Night Out is not open to the general public, BUT friends and family of Peace of Mind students are welcome, with advanced notice and a little paperwork.
  • Peace of Mind ratios are maintained throughout the evening: 1:4 infants, 1:7 toddlers, 1:10 preschool, and 1:15 school age.
  • Sometimes we combine age groups, as long as the ratio for the youngest child’s age group is maintained, and there is not more than a three year range in ages in a group.
  • Parents sign their children in and out, leaving a contact number, and any specific details regarding their children, including allergy notification, and evening bottle/feeding schedules for infants.
  • Bathroom breaks and diapering are the same as a school day: as needed, or approximately every 2 hours.
  • Peace of Mind teachers staff Parents’ Night Out, and provide a fun alternative to our normal school activities. We have a large campus that we get to take full advantage of during the evening! During drop off time we have free play and kids’ choice, followed by dinner. After dinner we do some fun teacher directed activities like fort building, supervised hide and go seek, running “marathons” through the building, using the bounce house in the gym, playing in the overlook, and so on!
  • Then we change into pjs, and settle into the library with blankets, nuks, and bean bags for pick up time. We also provide some quiet time pastimes such as coloring, reading, play dough, puzzles, or computer games.
  • Dinner typically consists of cheese pizza, fruit, and milk. Infants will also have baby food and formula provided to them.
  • Staff may ask for your ID at pick up time. Mostly likely, you will see a familiar face when you pick up, but staff are required to check IDs before releasing any children if they are not 100% positive.

We love providing this service to our families, and hope any questions you may have had were answered.

You can reference our calendar here for the dates!