Happy Days Peace of Mind Families! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Bridger Merkt and I am the new Head Chef that is feeding your wonderful kiddos. This is actually my second “Tour of Duty” and I am excited to be back and continue to provide nutritious and delicious meals.

I have a Need to Feed, a passion for learning about food and driven to providing positive relationships with food. Going on my 31st year in the food industry I still carry the same enthusiasm and dedication to understanding everyone’s food story and sharing what I discover. In that time I have become a Certified Food Safety Instructor, started a Non Profit supporting local farmers, opened a coffee shop and placed 15th in the Dessert Category at the World Food Championships in 2016. I strive to keep my food approachable as well as knowing what is in my meals and where it comes from.

My goal for our Peace of Mind Meal Program is to introduce children to new flavors and textures all the while keeping it fun and tasty. So fun and tasty in fact that in early September the kids went crazy for my Hummus! It had pureed chick peas, carrots, apples, chia seed and ground flax meal! I was also able to sneak in some sweet potato puree into the Mac and Cheese and they were none the wiser ;). Just wait until they come home professing their love of Alligator Eyeballs! (roasted brussel sprouts)

I enjoy the challenge that comes with feeding children as they have no filter and tell you exactly what they like and don’t like for the most part. If they don’t like something or won’t try it I encourage them to find the words for what it is that they don’t like about it. Is it the color? Too Spicy? Too weird sounding? Too mushy? Whatever the issue I can usually figure out how to get kids to try something new with a “No Thank You” bite and surprisingly (to them) they end up loving it! With two kids of my own I understand the frustration of picky eaters and believe me, my parental buttons get pushed a decent amount when it comes to dinner time and what is going to be served.

Looking forward to new adventures and exploring the food world with these wonderful kids. Got some questions about food and want to talk about it? Send me an email at myinnerkitchen@gmail.com. Make it a Great Day and I will see you soon!

Chef Bridger