By now, if you have been following us in the kitchen, you know that I like to sneak veggies into just about everything. Getting kids to eat fruit is pretty easy as it is sweet, smells good and
often looks appealing in most any form. The veggies, however, provide a challenge. It may end in a “standoff” staring competition between you and your mini me at a dining room table. Picture this, 4 out of 8 green beans (cut in squares of course) are all that is left between you and quiet time…you don’t want to cave in! You’re thinking, “Not now, we are so close to the clean plate club!!!” Depending on the day, the outcome is different but, why must it always be a struggle?

As of right now mac n cheese, spaghetti, chicken Alfredo, and coconut cream curry are some of our go to meals. The kids will actually clean their plates and eat the leftovers which makes dishes easy. The rich sauces allow me to mix in most any veggie puree on hand and they are none the wiser. I like to use squash/zucchini and sweet potato purees most often as they are good for fiber and least likely to be eaten raw. Cauliflower puree is also good as it will take on any flavor that it is matched with; it also won’t change the color of your Alfredo (red flag for kids).

To start this habit, begin with a frozen bag of veggies (1lb) and steam or roast them. While they are still warm, use a blender (Cuisinart or Ninja) to blend. You may need to add a little water to get it moving, but that is it. Store in two (2) pint sized containers and put into the fridge for this week, or freezer for the next week. Now, when you go to make your next recipe, just add a pint of puree and you’ve got 2 cups of veggies IN your entree!

With the mac and cheese, I can cut out some of the milk and cheese (saves some calories and cuts fat) and the consistency is still there. I may add some of my “Chef Shake” to it right before I serve the kids and they devour it like normal. Suddenly meal time is not much of a struggle and now if they only eat those 4 out of 8 green beans, it’s not much of a battle. Even more so, you can negotiate a second helping of mac n cheese for eating those last green beans (laughs maniacally). Smile parent!  You’ve pulled a fast one over your toddler. Let the world rejoice! Muahaha hahaha.

Step-by-step and day by you can change the way you are feeding your family and in the process improve the quality time around meal time. We hope you enjoy the learning because that’s what your kids do when they are here at Peace of Mind.

Let’s continue to learn and share together.
Chef Bridger