At this time, Peace of Mind is not offering Kindergarten. However, if your child has missed the cut off time for kindergarten you should consider enrolling them in our PreK class. PreK at Peace of Mind focuses on preparing children for the next bit step – kindergarten. Learn more about PreK at Peace of Mind here.

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Statement of Values

We value basic high quality education

We believe in teaching values

We believe in setting expectation and enforcing consequences

We believe in each child as an individual

We believe in our teachers’ unique abilities to create and develop curriculum

We believe in each child’s right to be safe at school

We believe that students must take responsibility for their own education

We believe that children can only succeed with the love and support of parents who are interested in their education

Our Mission

We believe that children have the power and ability to make the world a richer place.  We wish to serve as the catalyst that sparks our students, enabling them to reach their full potential.  By providing an environment that is academically excellent, focusing on basic values and responsibility, developing high expectations for children and fostering creativity and individuality, we can expect and celebrate each child’s ultimate success.


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